Finding Inner Peace Through Understanding

Forgiveness and Inner Peace

inner peaceTo embrace inner peace you must release any need to be forgiven. Many people hold onto resentment and anger and refuse to change until the person(s) who harmed them seeks their forgiveness. This attitude keeps them locked in fear and causes them to deny their own inner peace, their own soul, and Source.

If we look at the big picture, we are all souls exploring this Universe. Whatever we experience with others is what we have chosen – at least on a soul level. Usually, the people that cause us the most heartache have the greatest attachment for us on a soul level. We have a powerful bond of love with them and choose to go through our great human dramas with them.  Sometimes finding inner peace when we are in a powerful relationship is hard.  Fear can set in and hold us back from finding our true selves.

Fear is the opposite of love and inner peace.  We cannot experience fear  when we come from a place of love and awareness. In order for us to take control of where we are, we have to accept that what we are experiencing was created by our own actions and learn from them.   We come to realize we don’t need to seek forgiveness but to embrace gratitude about what we have experienced – so that we can understand more about creating with the energies of love not of fear.

When you allow yourself to embrace gratitude towards those you have co-created your experiences with, you will open to the truth of your inner peace. When you finally understand that whole paradigm from a place of learning and understanding, your creations will no longer control you, the creator. It is only then that you will be free to be who you really are – a powerful, unlimited source of inner peace.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Inner Peace Through Understanding

  1. As I read this I was brought back to adream the other night. I spend a bunch of time sifting my thoughts and quietly talking about resentment, anger and attachment. I must have been feeling smug about my progress as in my dream my wife suddenly took another man’s hand and walked away to have sex with him. I turned my back on them but was totally devastated, my heart was in my throat, my legs started to cave in and I thought I might pass out and then I thought of attachment and how far I really needed to go. When she returned to me she asked me if I had tried the cupcakes as though nothing had happened.

  2. I love what you said about how fear is the opposite of peace and love. The best way to find true peace is getting rid of all of the negative emotions and changing them for the good ones.

    • That is true. And you have to make sure you are truly rid of them and haven’t just buried them or covered them over. Otherwise, they are still in charge.

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