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Insight For Living

One of my clients just retired after almost 5 decades of working for someone else. Her goals setting and why we started our coaching relationship was to retire and start a life coaching practice. She has done both. She has found through our work thatinsight she was hiding her insight for living. She did this by working in an academic environment where she only has a Masters degree and everyone else had a Ph.D. It was the perfect place and situation for her to hide.

Now that she recognizes that she does this her spirit is calling her to rid herself of that limitation. She has proven her change recently.  She has a minister who she’s been in training under. The minister is unconsciously trying to do the same thing my client.  The minister called her, met with her and made it known that she expects my client to be pretty much totally available at the church and at the minister’s beck and call because “now you have the time now that you are retired”.

My client realized when she woke up the next morning what had occurred. She was being asked to shift her own insight for living. She realized what she needed and for the FIRST TIME IN THE 17 MONTHS WE’VE BEEN WORKING TOGETHER, ASKED TO HAVE HER APPT. EARLIER IN THE WEEK IF I COULD DO IT. This was such great news. It was her asking to have her needs fulfilled and not making do – as she is wont to do.

We spoke and asked her questions like: “What do you want to/really love to do at the church at this time?” pretty much over and over until she came up with her list and will get back to the minister with “what I am willing to do for you and the church” rather than “what you automatically expect me to do and I’ll make fine with me.” This was her reclaiming her insight for living and what she truly had a passion for.

Somewhere the words that probably my mother gave me seemed to want to come out to her. “We gave you your backbone today.”

I got a great little email after our call saying: “Thanks for the call – it helped tremendously.
This line was in a local advice column today:
“…people who don’t assert themselves are essentially agreeing to live life on the terms of those around them who do.”

And that about sums it up for me, as I see it. While I know this, sometimes I slip into what is easiest, and it is more comfortable to avoid confrontation, but then I don’t really get to live the life I want to live. And to use the other analogy from the piece I read you earlier, I am the one letting the fuel leak out (of my enthusiasm).”

This woman has found the intuition to follow her own insight for living.  If she continues to follow this and listen to herself she will find true happiness. I love coaching!

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