Executive Coaching Available to You? Lucky You.

Executive Coaching Part of Training

More and more corporations are turning to executive coaching as a part of their ongoing training. The trend is huge and growing quickly. Corporations are finding that offering an executive coaching program to their employees will:

  • increase individual productivity
  • create a better atmosphere
  • improve teamwork
  • less conflict
  • more taking responsibility

If everyone is more productive and getting their jobs done than there is less conflict in the workplace and fewer people trying to pass the buck and get someone else to help them with their work. So you might say that coaching in the workplace creates not only more productivity but a greater sense of personal responsibility in employees.

execcoachingCompanies are advised that when it comes to executive coaching, it is best to do your homework before hiring a company. Executive coaching is an expensive undertaking for a company and it pays to shop around and interview many coaches and ask lots of questions. Ask to see something tangible that you can review that shows what type of program they offer and what will be included in the coaching package. Explore the possibilities between a coaching package and individual coaching one-on-one. Make sure that you find a company that can support your needs whether you are a large company or just a small company looking to grow.

Having had no corporate experience myself, I decided to go “undercover and attend a couple of meetings of an organization where executive coaches gather. Guess what I discovered? Executive coaches talk about many of the same things I talk about with my clients – improved relationships at home and work, improved communication skills, strategies to accomplish goals. They also provide support where corporate individuals are selling themselves short.

If you are fortunate enough to work at a company that provides executive coaching, take advantage of it and start what might be the adventure of your life?

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