Taking Responsibility for the Negative and the Positive You Create

One of the things I teach my clients and practice myself is taking responsibility. I believe we fully create our lives by our thoughts and feelings. However, I don’t require my clients to believe like I do. I just ask them to try that perspective out and see if it works for them. So far, no one’s declined. So it is definitely a filter I coach from.I’ve pretty much mastered being able to point out a client’s responsibility and whatever that entails without creating defensiveness. It’s probably because my clients trust me and I have a gentle manner but speak the truth as I see it (which is what they are paying me for.)proud_of_myself_by_edwmix-d2ymmn3

But taking responsibility – which tends to take a bad rap because for most of us it implies blame of some sort – also supports taking responsibility for creating the good in your life. You get to take credit for creating your raise, your well-brought up kids, your sterling attendance record, your millions, your wise investments, your learning to deal with the 120 high school students you teach. You and everybody else get to take credit for it all.

Maybe I’ll start a campaign or write a book called Taking Credit which teaches the self-empowerment that comes from taking responsibility for all of it.

Now that you’re done, I have one thing left I’d like you to do.

I’d love to hear your thoughts so comment below and (uh oh this is 2) please follow this blog over there on the right. I’d love to get to know you.

One thought on “Taking Responsibility for the Negative and the Positive You Create

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